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Roaring Fork Falls

It’s always interesting to me to visit waterfalls at dawn. Not an hour after, not on an overcast day necessarily, but at sunrise. Hiking in the dark and being there at the earliest hour. Some of my favorite waterfall images have come from these types of adventures and, while not always productive, they’re always a [...]

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The Oconaluftee River

At times, I’ve heard the Oconaluftee referred to as the “lifeblood of the Smokies” and as far as the east side of the park goes, I’d say that’s pretty accurate. Hundreds of small streams and tributaries drain the airy heights of peaks like Clingmans Dome, all coming together to produce a formidable amount of water [...]

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Evolution River

As a landscape photographer, it’s practically inevitable that for a lot of people my work be defined by a single image. That’s just the nature of the beast and frankly, it’s something that I embrace. Knowing that every photograph I take could be the only representation of my craft a person ever sees pushes me [...]

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